Sunday, 9 December 2012

winebox18 - 'Solo Guitar Volume II' 3 x C21 - SOLD OUT!

Second volume of six sides of loosely defined solo guitar recordings (following the first one from 2009), this one featuring Fliss Horrocks, Bridget Hayden, Core of the Coalman, Plum Slate, Harappian Night Recordings and Irma Vep. Styles run from heavy sliding blues through phased cyclical picking to late night raga and scattered otherworldly tweaking.

Boxed edition of 74 copies started out as a door, a good one too. The cassettes contained within come wrapped in fabric to prevent them shunting out the ends of the box in transit; feel free to discard this on arrival. The cost is £15 plus postage. Too late for your end of year list but just in time for your Christmas list. Photographs here.

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