Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wire Post/Upcoming Related

There are a few words and pictures about the latest Winebox release on the Wire magazine's Tumblr page here, also a review of the Chora tape by Byron Coley in the most recent issue.


There are a number of upcoming releases I'm in/on, listed below in the order that they might appear. Look up the label websites or email for more information:

- J. Collin 'Follow the Great Road (High Peak Vibrations Vol. I)' cdr (Giant Hell)
- Serfs 'Moon-Mellowed River' cassette (Golden Lab Records)
- Serfs 'Good Morning Mr Railroad Man' cdr (Poot Records)
- Vampire Blues 'Epistemological Relativism and the Missionary's Position' cassette (Total Vermin)
- J. Collin 'Albert Road Room Odoriser' 3" cd (Makrame Records)
- Vampire Blues 'All India Radio Ban' LP (Blackest Rainbow)

There are a couple of excerpts from the solo ones here.