Sunday, 30 October 2011

winebox14 - Roman Nose 'Black [Silk] Death on Silk [Silk] Road' C30 - SOLD OUT!

Completing a triptych of Hunter Gracchus solo pieces, Roman Nose is the solo work of Jon Marshall (who also plays in Akke Phallus Duo and Vampire Blues). Using harmonium/voice/various free reed aerophones he creates drones that are fairly radical in their nakedness, far removed from the smooth edges of dream pop, with a Tazartès-esque 'world' aesthetic that takes in Antarctica (specifically Douglas Quinn's recordings of Emperor Penguins), the Middle East (the third track comes on like a pitch-shifted call to prayer) and Indonesia, while the sidelong track that makes up the second side is both centrepiece and climax, pulsating wildly with an urgency not dissimilar to Blue Yodel.

Edition of 53 copies comes, at the insistence of the recording artist, from the usable parts of a pretty gnarly old couch, so if anything crawls out of it blame him. Cost, to the UK/Europe/World respectively, is £8/£9/£10.