Thursday, 10 June 2010

winebox07 - Whole Voyald Infinite Light 'Through the Darkness of Night/Through the Brightness of Day's Light' 2 x C35 - SOLD OUT!

Fifth full-length release from Lotus Birth/Winebox head chefs. Large double set from Winter/Spring 2010 of very wild guitar/guitar/vocal VU/Satwa psych. Package comes from a felled tree, angularly sliced, wood-block printed and affixed with screws, twine, marbled paper, elastic. Unseasoned wood, so give it a couple of years before burning. Edition of 44 copies, cost is £10 including UK postage.


Both releases available for now by emailing thewholevoyald (at) googlemail (dot) com or by visiting Manchester's newest and best zine/tape retailer Good Grief on the top floor of Affleck's Palace. Completists, don't worry, no. 6 is still slow-baking...

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