Monday, 23 March 2009

winebox03 - Vampire Blues 'Knocking on the Dragon's Door....' C30 - SOLD OUT!

Winebox03, available now - weighing in as a C20 of medium-spiced trans-snake pass showtunes from Vampire Blues duo. Follow-up to last year's Blackest Rainbow cassette - maintains the harmonium/guitar dynamic, in a midwinter post-pest-control situation.

Edition of 37 copies comes from the starting point of a stool (see 'Winebox' box right), augmented and held together by screws, nails, sand/glasspaper, typewriter ink, regular ink, pencil, spraypaint. Cost is £6 including UK postage, 10% more for paypal senders. For access, unscrew both screws two/three/four rotations anti-clockwise. Please drop a line to thewholevoyald at googlemail dot com for availability/more details.

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