Saturday, 14 March 2015

winebox26 - Jon Collin 'Wrong Moves / Dream Recall' C43

Two distinct and somewhat palindromic mini-album length sides, the first a series of solo guitar sketches from the autumn of 2014, the second a three-part slow-moving composition for piano and e-bowed strings.

Edition of 72 copies from the door of the below wardrobe, with printed colour framed inserts. £6.50 plus postage (£1.50 UK / £4 Europe / £5 World). Email the address on the right to order.

Monday, 23 February 2015

winebox25 - Whole Voyald Infinite Light 'Uncollected Recordings' 2 x Cass (C35/C39)

Double set of archival recordings from the WVIL vaults. The first tape documents a partly improvised but wholly free four-piece session – the first ever in this configuration, featuring the bass and drums of Tom Settle and Edwin Stevens – from June 2013, recorded to reel-to-reel tape in Manchester by Patrick Crane. Tape 2 is the result of a fruitful period of double guitar small speaker destruction from late 2010/early 2011, recorded to tape in historically disputed Greater Manchester/Lancashire/Merseyside territory.

Limited edition of 82 copies comes presented in a double tape case constructed from the broken down frame of a wardrobe. Also includes riso-printed card inserts with grainy photos, track information and discographies. The cost is £12.50 plus postage (£3.50 UK / £4.70 Europe / £6 World).

Thursday, 4 September 2014

winebox24 - 'Kazbek: Field Recordings from the Caucasus 2012 - 2014' 4 x Cass (C48, C38, C40, C43) - SOLD OUT!

Long time coming four-tape box set of folk musics of Georgia, Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Eastern Turkey, recorded in the field by the good folk behind the Sayat Nova Project. In their own words:

The Sayat Nova Project was founded in late 2012 in a teahouse in Tbilisi, Georgia by Stefan Williamson Fa and Ben Wheeler and was born out of a desire to explore the hidden musical diversity of the Caucasus. The Project aims to help document and promote this musical diversity in an independent, holistic and freeform style without regard to national or political borders. The initial stage of the project involved recording musicians from underrepresented musical traditions throughout Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and has since developed to create a collective of regional and international collaborators contributing to an online archive of this music. In November 2013 “Mountains of Tongues: Musical Dialects of the Caucasus” was released on vinyl by L.M. Dupli-Cation records, compiling a selection of recordings from sessions with over 50 musicians held between November 2012 and June 2013.

This collection acts as something of a Bootleg Series companion to the Mountains of Tongues LP and features material from the same sessions as well as more recent recordings from June and July 2014. The tapes are organised - somewhat loosely - organologically (one tape each of vocals, wind instrumentation, instrumental strings and ensemble performances) and include unedited recordings of bardic epics, city art music, folkloric groups, sacred songs, ballads and laments interspersed with the sounds of wrestling matches, engagement parties, feasts and roadside gatherings.

Housed in an open-ended wooden box constructed from a haul of grooved floorboards, the contents also include screenprinted wraparound card sleeves – designed and printed by one's illustrator of choice Lucy Jones – and colour riso-printed photographic inserts. Limted edition of 70 copies. Cost is £20 plus postage (£3.50/£6/£9 to UK/Europe/World). Email thewholevoyald googlemail com to order.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Jon Collin 'Burnt Monday' LP

New solo LP on Golden Lab Records is out now, limited to 250 copies and available either directly from the label or by emailing thewholevoyald[at]googlemail[dot]com. There's a very small run of 20 numbered copies with hand-drawn sleeves and a bonus cdr of the complete unedited live recording that much of the LP is drawn from. Please enquire for more details of that.

Monday, 3 February 2014

winebox23 - Jon Collin 'The Bells' C39 - SOLD OUT!

Live and field recordings from throughout 2013, recorded in various environments in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Cork, Stockport and New York; a primer of sorts for another live thing due elsewhere in some months time. Edition of 49 copies from a wooden winebox. £6 plus postage (£1.50 UK/£3.50 Europe/£4.50 World).

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

winebox22 - Vampire Blues 'Recorded Live at Les Voûtes, Paris, France, 24th November 2012' C36 - SOLD OUT!

Live harmonium/guitar duo document from late 2012 - recorded, as the title suggests, in the tunnel-like environs of Les Voûtes in Paris - that contrasts slow-burning atonality and post-meltdown tonal ecstasy. Edition of 70 copies from a paint-spattered table. Cost is £7 plus postage (£1.50 UK/£4 Europe/£5 World). 

Friday, 2 August 2013

winebox21 - C. Joynes 'Unitarian Dee / Oto Gee' C60 - SOLD OUT!

Essential live documentation of two thirty-minute medley performances of wildly differing fidelity from Southeast England's finest picker, Mr C. Joynes. The A side, captured on VHS tape in a chapel, has a beautiful distant and echo-heavy sound, while the flip side is a cleaner, more intimate soundboard recording from Cafe Oto. Amongst contemporary guitar players Joynes stands out a mile, both for his 'chops' - both compositional and performative - and his stylistic juggling ('bluegrass gamelan', as Bruce Russell offered in his sleeve notes to Joynes' 'Congo'). Amongst the material here be ringing tonality and scratchy  dissonance; muffled percussive sliding and handsome blues resolutions; slow-burning marching music and rapid arpeggiating - indeed, without wanting to blithely drop an F-bomb on a contemporary picker, the sense of a heads-down, unpretentious taking-care-of-business here reminds me of Fahey's 'America', and that's a fine thing to be reminded of.

Edition of 89 pink cassettes housed in a somewhat *deluxe* box with a swinging lid and printed insert, the source material of which was once a wall of the neighbours' kitchen. Price is £9 plus postage (£3 UK/£4 Europe/£5 World). Email to order.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Jon Collin 'High Peak Selections' LP - SOLD OUT!

Orders now being taken for this, due to arrive later this week. Slide guitar improvisations recorded in the latter half of 2012 in the highly atmospheric environs of Portland Works, Sheffield; Sacred Trinity Church, Salford; and Sunshine Studios, Manchester. A continuation of the two 'High Peak Vibrations' tapes (on Winebox Press and Giant Hell). There's an audio excerpt here. Numbered edition of 250 copies. Cost is £10 plus postage (£3.75 UK/£5.75 Europe/£8.50 World). Email thewholevoyald [at] googlemail [dot] com to order.

Monday, 25 February 2013

winebox20 - Lost Wax 'My Sore Daad Heap'd' C47 - SOLD OUT!

Lost Wax is the solo project of Ben Morris, one half of Chora. I'm delighted to be presenting what, to my knowledge, is his first solo release and it's a real treat. The emphasis here is perhaps more on percussion and field recording than the 'rock' instrumentation employed by the Chora big band, layered and built into heaving long jams. Very cool. Edition of 78 was originally the battered frame of a futon. Cost is  £6.50 plus £2.50/£3.50/£5 postage.

winebox19 - Gael Moissonnier 'Miniatures / Synth Music' C53 - SOLD OUT!

First release of 2013. Gael Moissonnier is a French artist and experimental musician based for the past couple of years in Brussels. In the past he's played in the bands Motherfucking, La 6eme Faute and the large free ensemble Faux Amis (with Chora, Helhesten and others). These days he can be found chugging Duvel and monstering his analog synth machine, as he does beautifully here, in a classic one-side-short-pieces/one-side-sidelong-jam format. Edition of 46 copies comes from a garden chair, stripped of it's unflattering varnish and put back together in a pocket-style cassette sheath. £6.50 plus postage, which will be £2.50 UK/£3.50 Europe/£5 World.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

winebox18 - 'Solo Guitar Volume II' 3 x C21 - SOLD OUT!

Second volume of six sides of loosely defined solo guitar recordings (following the first one from 2009), this one featuring Fliss Horrocks, Bridget Hayden, Core of the Coalman, Plum Slate, Harappian Night Recordings and Irma Vep. Styles run from heavy sliding blues through phased cyclical picking to late night raga and scattered otherworldly tweaking.

Boxed edition of 74 copies started out as a door, a good one too. The cassettes contained within come wrapped in fabric to prevent them shunting out the ends of the box in transit; feel free to discard this on arrival. The cost is £15 plus postage. Too late for your end of year list but just in time for your Christmas list. Photographs here.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

winebox17 - 'Post-Industrial Freak Flag: A Winebox Press Compilation' C61 - SOLD OUT!

Ten-track compilation of mainly new and exclusive material from: Ross Parfitt; Blue Yodel; Tom Settle*; The Swamps*; Infinite Light*; Whole Voyald Infinite Light*; Roman Nose*; Emil Rothenborg & Jon Collin*; Plum Slate; Serfs* (* = previously unreleased). Edition of 82 pallet-shaped copies comes from an actual pallet. Cost is £5 plus postage (£2.50 UK/£3 Europe/£4 World). Unlimited non-art edition on Winebox Records is £3 plus postage (£1 UK/£3 Europe/£4 World).

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Whole Voyald Infinite Light 'Circumambulations Pts I & II' 7"

First release on Winebox Records is two slow psychedelic guitar-on-guitar workouts from late 2010/early 2011, a primer for an LP forthcoming sometime later this year. Numbered edition of 300 copies. Cost is £4 plus postage. The bad news is that UK postage rates just went up pretty wildly, especially the rate for sending packages abroad. Feel free to reserve copies of releases and I'll ship them together to save on this. For the 7" above, postage will be £1.50/£3.50/£4.50 to the UK/Europe/World respectively.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

winebox16 - Vampire Blues 'Sub-Terra Marching Band' C45 - SOLD OUT!

Recorded half live and half in the cellar between early spring and late summer of 2011, the usual Vampire Blues duo are here augmented by the skittering percussions of Ross Parfitt and the acoustic environments of Scrim headquarters in Edinburgh and the Boathouse in Kingston upon Hull. Side One (with RP) is a dissonant twenty-minute all-acoustic piece for harmonium, steel & nylon strings, cymbals, trinkets and tape hiss; the second consists of two classically swelling electrified duo performance excerpts.

Edition of 45 copies comes from a skip find of nine drawer fronts, de-lacquered and split into fives. Cost is £8/£9/£10 to the UK/Europe/World.


Vampire Blues Northern European Tour Dates:

Sunday 4th March 2012 - Kodu Baar, Tallinn, Estonia
Tuesday 6th March 2012 - Telakka, Tampere, Finland
Wednesday 7th March 2012 - Kingi Kongi, Helsinki, Finland
Thursday 8th March 2012 - Titanik Gallery, Turku, Finland
Saturday 10th March 2012 - Berg 211, Gothenburg, Sweden
Sunday 11th March 2012 - Far i Hatten, Malmö, Sweden
Tuesday 13th March 2012 - Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark
Friday 16th March 2012 - Karel Ball, Brussels, Belgium
Saturday 17th March 2012 - Scheld'apen, Antwerp, Belgium

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

winebox15 - J. Collin 'Untitled (High Peak Vibrations Vol. II)' C41 - SOLD OUT!

First release of 2012 is the second part of a bucolic trilogy (the first of which is soon to be released on Giant Hell) recorded over the winter. This one is all acoustic, mixed nylon and steel, and comes wrapped in the remains a weathered wooden armchair found outside the late Hunters Arms, Chisworth, in an edition of 57 copies. Cost is £7.50/£8.50/£9.50 to the UK/Europe/World.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wire Post/Upcoming Related

There are a few words and pictures about the latest Winebox release on the Wire magazine's Tumblr page here, also a review of the Chora tape by Byron Coley in the most recent issue.


There are a number of upcoming releases I'm in/on, listed below in the order that they might appear. Look up the label websites or email for more information:

- J. Collin 'Follow the Great Road (High Peak Vibrations Vol. I)' cdr (Giant Hell)
- Serfs 'Moon-Mellowed River' cassette (Golden Lab Records)
- Serfs 'Good Morning Mr Railroad Man' cdr (Poot Records)
- Vampire Blues 'Epistemological Relativism and the Missionary's Position' cassette (Total Vermin)
- J. Collin 'Albert Road Room Odoriser' 3" cd (Makrame Records)
- Vampire Blues 'All India Radio Ban' LP (Blackest Rainbow)

There are a couple of excerpts from the solo ones here.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

winebox14 - Roman Nose 'Black [Silk] Death on Silk [Silk] Road' C30 - SOLD OUT!

Completing a triptych of Hunter Gracchus solo pieces, Roman Nose is the solo work of Jon Marshall (who also plays in Akke Phallus Duo and Vampire Blues). Using harmonium/voice/various free reed aerophones he creates drones that are fairly radical in their nakedness, far removed from the smooth edges of dream pop, with a Tazartès-esque 'world' aesthetic that takes in Antarctica (specifically Douglas Quinn's recordings of Emperor Penguins), the Middle East (the third track comes on like a pitch-shifted call to prayer) and Indonesia, while the sidelong track that makes up the second side is both centrepiece and climax, pulsating wildly with an urgency not dissimilar to Blue Yodel.

Edition of 53 copies comes, at the insistence of the recording artist, from the usable parts of a pretty gnarly old couch, so if anything crawls out of it blame him. Cost, to the UK/Europe/World respectively, is £8/£9/£10.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

winebox13 - Ø+yn 'He Resucitado en la Montaña' C43 - SOLD OUT!

Hot on the heels of the Chora tape, this new release floats in all the way from another hemisphere but is a pretty ripe southern companion to the free movement of certain UK underground tribes. Ø+yn (said 'Omasin') come from the inland badlands of Córdoba, Argentina, and 'He Resucitado en la Montaña' is quite a trip, taking all kinds of unexpected yet smooth turns: from the occult church to the carnival to the Balinese woods at midnight, taking a detour up 6th Avenue to jam with Moondog before shifting gracefully towards a climactic scene with what sounds like a swarm of angry bees taking the guitar player for a ride at dinner time.

Ma-hu-sive edition of 84 copies coming from an old school desk containing some right-on graffiti ('WINGS') and no bubblegum skeets that i can see. Cost is £8.50 inclusive of UK postage. Drop a line about Euro/World rates and wholesaling.

winebox06 - Chora 'Songs from the Husk-Hair Malt' C73 - SOLD OUT!

Almost - no joke - three years in the planning, the best thing about London since they moved there drop in with an epic that's worth the wait plus one. Shifting over eight tracks from a minimal vocal/mouthpiece/cymbal feedbacking opener through air-raid free rock and spooked Taj Mahal Travellers-esque live séance to full-on big band shakedown; it sounds like there's even some overtone singing in there too. Line-up changes abound around core members Ben Morris and Rob Lye, with free blower Karl Brummer, percussionist Patrick Farmer, guitar/everything-ist Ben Nash and Hunter Gracchus freedom riders Fiona Kennedy and Jon Marshall all aboard at various points. Seems like there's a riot going on in South London.....

Edition of 74 copies from some floorboards, drilled and sprayed through the hole, with eye-popping wraparound fold-out artwork by David Bailey and typewritten card spine. Cost is £10 including UK postage, ask about postage elsewhere.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sell-Outs/Boudoir Finds

All releases are currently sold out from me. I know there are still copies of the Plum Slate tape available from Plum Slate himself at For others, try the following online joints: (UK) (UK) (Japan)


Also, in the act of moving house i happened upon copies of some sold out related releases. Get in touch for prices if you're interested in any of the following:

T. Settle/J. Collin Mexican Divorce (Rayon)
Axis Mundi/John Fante split (Lotus Birth)
Whole Voyald Infinite Light Non-Teleology (Lotus Birth)